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Frosty Boi Fridays Episode 4: Hill Farmstead Amarillo

On todays Episode of Frosty Boi Fridays, I welcome on special guest Noah Rodwin who is my friend from AB High and Hobart College. I would also like to congratulate and thank Noah for becoming my Chief Video Editor of Frosty Boi Fridays. Noah came to me with the idea to format the videos better and I had to have him join the Boston Beers team. We got to review Hill Farmstead "Amarillo" a Dry Hopped Pale Ale thanks to Noah.

As some of you may know Hill Farmstead is Rated the #1 brewery in the world. Located in Greensboro VT, the lineage of this family goes back 8 generations. The founders of the town are in fact the ancestors of the now called Hill Farmstead Brewery. To learn more about this beer and the history, go check out the video above!

Tune in next week as I have my FIRST ever brewery employee on! We will be doing a more formal interview, including his role at the brewery and specific beer related questions. Of course, we will do all this as we shotgun a Budlight and drink a new released NEIPA.

ABV: 5.2%

Hops: Amarillo

Color: Golden/Amber Yellow

Aromas: Citrus forward (orange, lemon) with some piney/floral notes in the back. Get some hay/grass as well

Our Rating:

- Me 7.85/10

- Noah 8.75/10

Shotgun Rating:

-Me: 10/10

-Noah 6/10 Had a rough start but then made it up for a clean shotgun

Cheers and Stay Frosty,

The Boston Beer Guy

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