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He got the DAWG in him - Volume 2. Joint Practice Brawl featuring Aaron Donald swinging helmets.

The final preseason game is almost here, which leads us into the much anticipated start of the season. However, you can never count out the entertainment that comes from the summer.

One thing that has always sparked hilarious and eye popping headlines is the random "joint practices". Their purpose is to elevate the practices, and get the guys into a more competitive environment. Obviously after weeks of hitting each other in the heat, the fellas just want to get into game time mode, so it makes sense when things get escalated.

A joint practice between the two Super Bowl teams was supposed to be fun and nostalgic. Well... it ended in a full out brawl. Not just a brawl, a "full on roundhouse punches being swung, helmets being slammed on other peoples heads, multiple players joining in. A Full on mele"

Aaron Donald went full on Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph with that helmet. He was dueling akimbo helmets like his life depended on it. God Bless the Bengal who started this fight, I'm surprised he walked away unsaved.

The NFL has no jurisdiction on a what goes on at the joint practice, and the Rams won't do anything, so I doubt 99 get's the sussy. Either way, congrats to Aaron Donald, you got that DAWG in you!


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