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He got the DAWG in him - Volume 3. Brian DABALLS & Leonard Fournette dishes one to Micah Parsons

Giants Head Coach, Brian Daboll puts his nuts on the table. Goes for 2pts, wins the game and dances with team.

I am probably a little bias with this one, but how can I not be? The culture change is shifting in the positive direction with a new era of New York Football under head coach, Brian Daboll. You've already seen it by now, but the Giants stunned the Titans, and a ballsy play by the new HC resulted in being up by 1 before a missed field goal.

In the old regime, the Giants would have settled for the field goal, and probably lose it by the end of the 4th, or in OT shortly after. But not this guy! Daboll put his balls on the table, and celebrated accordingly.

Daball is a DAWG.

Leonard Fournette dishes the hammer on Micah Parsons

When a running back knocks down a potential DPOY candidate, the world goes on notice. Bucs Leonard Fournette showed that he could be a blocking back, when Cowboys linebacker, Micah Parsons, was going for the rush.

Out of nowhere comes Playoff Lenny with the shoulder!

Instead of just eating the L and walking away, Parsons took to Twitter to call it a cheap shop. Fournette got the last laugh again. DAWG!


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