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Hill Farmstead: Edward

I first want to thank my buddy Noah Rodwin who DM'ed me after watching my first every IGTV Frosty Boi Friday telling me he just spent 1K on Hill Farmstead and offered me some. So Noah, thank you. You can meet Noah in a few weeks as we do a Virtual FBF (Frosty Boi Friday).

The highly sought out and incredibly difficult to get beer "Edward" landed in my hands this afternoon. Edward, which is ranked #259 on Beer Advocate, is an American Pale Ale that is so smooth to drink I am sad I only got to drink one.

Hill Farmstead (Rated #1 on beer advocate for the best breweries in the world) is in the middle of nowhere in VT. You drive about 2 hours east of Burlington, and then go on a long dirt road that gets you to this amazing fully functioning dairy farm. The farm was founded and settled in 1778 where the Hill family founded Greensboro VT. In 1801, they founded a Tavern which has a direct correlation to Hill Farmstead now. Being that this is a multi-generational farm, Hill Farmstead is taking home the bacon each year with that #1 spot. Right now they have 77 beers featured on the website that you can get.

Beer Highlights:

- ABV: 5.2%

- Flavor Profile: From the initial smell to the last sip it is packed with citrus, pine, and flower aromas.

- Color: Pours a cloudy amber/honey

- Rating: 8.7


The Boston Beer Guy


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