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Honoring the Best Beer Marketing & Design From Across The World. Jim McCune shares story on CBMA's

If you find a new beer at a store and buy it, chances are it's because the design. If you go back and buy it again, it's because the beer was good. Why not award that?- Jim McCune, Co-Founder of the CBMA's

For the not so frequent Craft Beer connoisseur, when choosing a beer to buy at the store or to drink at a bar and brewery, your eye distinctively wonders to the elaborate name or vibrant can and bottle design. You look for the cool logos and artwork and you go on your merry way.

For patrons of these establishments, they love the colorful tap handles, the well designed taprooms, and the awesome merch the brand creates. Breweries are usually awarded on their batch of beer, but there is so much more behind each and every brewery. Why aren't they awarded for those details?

Enter the Craft Beer Marketing Awards Competition.

The CBMAS were developed to recognize and award the very best marketing in the brewing industry across the world. Breweries, their agencies, artists, and marketing partners are invited to enter their top work.

Jim McCune co-founded the Craft Beer Marketing Awards in 2019, only to have COVID delay its launch in the way he would’ve hoped. Now, he’s created one of the most popular awards among beer creators in “The Crushies,” which are given to those making a splash in the craft beer marketing scene. We discuss Jim’s career as a graphic designer, his lessons learned from working at Blue Point Brewery in New York, and what’s next for the CBMA’s. You can find his interview at the three minute mark, and more information about the CBMA's here.


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