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HOUSE NEWS: Introducing "Road To The Garden", the premiere destination for Big East Coverage.

That's right. The crew that was formally Big East Coast Bias, is now part of the House Enterprise family. Let's go!

Matt St. Jean, a Providence College alumni, has assembled an absolute powerhouse crew of creators, and we couldn't be more happy to give them their next home. Joining the team alongside our House of College Hoops contributors and Matt, is Joey Haughy, Ryan Cassidy, Michael DeRosa, George Hathaway, Chris Thedinga, and Tommy Goodin. Expect some more names joining the crew, as well as Zach Penrice, Jake, Josh, and myself all joining the fun.

We all will be hammering the Big East coverage from dozens of different angles. Podcasts, livestreams, video series, blogs, gambling picks, stories, credential coverage, the whole nine yards.

The news comes at the perfect time. Tomorrow, the crew is heading to NYC to give you inside coverage from Big East Media Day.

Follow the Big East season at House, as all 11 teams fight to be the last one standing at Madison Square Garden. From opening day through the Big East and NCAA Tournaments, follow all the action right here!

21 Days until College Basketball is back. Do you smell what the House is cooking?


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