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House of College Hoops x The Jerome XXIII - Let the games, begin!

Updated: Mar 10


Happy March friends. It's time to make our picks. For the first time reader of the site, or someone new to the sport, "The Jerome", named after Bill Raftery’s call of Pitt's Jerome Lane's dunk against Providence in 1988, is a community of basketball fans picking who will win each conference tournament before the start of March Madness.

The Rules and Scoring are simple. You receive two points for your team reaching the conference tournament final. You will receive three additional points for your team winning that conference tournament. You can receive two bonus points for winning the conference tournament if you pick a team that meets BOTH of the following criteria: they’re seeded third or higher in that tournament, and they play no more than two games on their home floor.

Without further ado, I present you with the House of College Hoops Jerome Submissions, Week 1.


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