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How did John Dutton let this happen? Rupert Murdoc pays $200M for ranch, biggest sale in Montana.

Four seasons of Paramount's hit show, Yellowstone, and the plot is becoming non-fiction. Just like in the show, multi-billionaires are entering into the Yellowstone state of Montana and purchasing up some property. John Dutton would never let this fly.

Media entrepreneur and multi-billionaire, Rupert Murdoch and his wife, purchased the 340,000-acre Beaverhead Ranch from Matador Cattle Company. The ranch is a subsidiary of Koch Industries. The ranch sold for a whopping $200 million bucks. The ranch is home to over 12,000 cattle and it is the biggest sale in the state of Montana's history.

Murdoch, he is known as the founder of News Corp and Fox News, and is also the owner of The Wall Street Journal, has an estimated net worth of over $21 billion dollars. Fred Koch was an American chemical engineer and entrepreneur who founded the oil refinery firm that later became Koch Industries. He bought the property about seven decades ago and passed it along to Charles and David Koch, his sons, after his death.

Just a couple of billionaires breaking bread over some cattle in Montana. Interesting? I mean this is literally Market Equites becoming the majority owners of Schwartz & Meyer and owning all the land on the north side of Yellowstone.

According to a spokesperson, the Murdochs understand the importance of the ranch's landscape, and the depth of history in its operations. They have respect for the culture that continues to steward the lands through generations of ranching families who have also called the ranch their home. Hopefully, this remains the case. If not, don't be surprised if they take a trip to the "train station".

Unlike the show, the ranch won't become the next "Park City, Utah" or a fancy casino and ski lodge. Murdoch's spokesperson said that the property was a profound responsibility.

"We look forward to continually enhancing both the commercial cattle business and the conservation assets across the ranch.” - Rupert Murdoch

According to the Wall Street Journal, The Beaverhead Ranch is spread across more than 500 square miles of private and leased land. Located south of Dillon, Montana, along the Montana-Idaho border, it has about 12,000 cattle and is home to 15 families who are employed on the ranch.


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