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"I Am Not A System Player, I Am A System" - The James Harden Experiment Is Already Hilarious

Again, sometimes I cannot believe the NBA is a real thing and not some reality show where the players are just actors who are all in on it.

James Harden got his wish and is now a Los Angeles Clipper. Yesterday was his introductory press conference as a Clipper and this quote broke the internet. As a player who is labeled as a "team killer" and "diva," this quote really backs those claims up. How this all works with the Clippers is going to be fascinating to watch, because on paper their roster would have been absolutely unstoppable team in….2018. Sadly, it is 2023.

I will admit though it is important to watch the ENTIRE clip to get context behind the quote.

his was really just another chance for Harden to take a shot at Doc Rivers. To me, that makes this even better considering Doc Rivers is the most overrated coach in American sports history.

I think Harden is going to learn pretty quickly that he's going to have to fit into the Clippers' system/style of play and not the other way around. At this stage of his career, he can't really carry the load like he did as a Rocket, and that is okay.

In my opinion, this is gonna end as a disaster. I wanted that noted now so in April or May when the Clippers lose in the 1st and 2nd round, we can come back to this blog to say....


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