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I have bought into the Broncos Hype. Hammering Denver through and through tonight... Let's Ride

When you pull up to your old bae's house dressed to the nines like Russ is right now, you have to hammer (responsibly) him to go off.

I am a sucker for the revenge game/ old team visiting narrative, and I truly think Russ is going to go off tonight. Since 2016, he's averaged 245.6 passing yards per game. On the flip side, Seattle isn't the Legion of Boom anymore. Last season, the Seahawks ranked either last or 31st in the NFL in passing yards allowed (280.4 per game), passing attempts allowed (38.7 per game), and passing completions allowed (26.1 per game).

It's the perfect storm for Russ to cook. Bet at your own accord, but I've bought into the Broncos, at least for tonight.

Let's ride


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