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I need James McCant off the New York Mets by Monday (Please)

Look at this KING! This is my starting catcher. If you don't know who this is it's Tomas Nido. The Mets have had a great offseason so far, however there are two players who they need to get rid of.


I'm gonna be talking about James McCant in this blog and how the Mets need to get rid of him by Sunday.

The Mets made a surprising move Thursday night where they signed Omar Narvaez to a one year, $8 million dollar deal. The move raises a lot of eyebrows with the Mets and their plans moving forward with the catcher position.

Everyone starts to point to James McCant because he stinks. He stinks and he is overpaid but Stevie doesn't really care about the money. McCant lost A LOT of playing time last year to Tomas Nido who was Max's preferred catcher and had some surprising but awesome moments.

When James McCant steps up to the plate, it is almost an automatic out. When Tomas Nido steps up to the plate, I still have SOME faith that he can make contact. He was a STAR with RISP.

There have been some rumors that James McCant has interest from teams like the Pirates and the Rangers. Honestly send James McCant to the Pirates and send us Colin Holderman back.

The Mets are also one player above the 40 man roster so someone has gotta go and in a perfect world we can get rid of both McCant and Darin Ruf. Darin Ruf doesn't deserve a full blog because he is so pathetic and feeble, so he only deserves one sentence.


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