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I will never bet on Alabama again (this season).

What a whirlwind of emotions last night. Probably one of the more exciting weeks of early College Football in a longtime. Colorado -3 was the lock of the century. A few sneaky back door covers to get the people going. Every bet was just falling into place... until one didn't.

This week, I felt extremely confident with my Football House CFB Picks, so confident I placed a little wager on an all-in +17000 parlay. Nothing crazy, but something that would have been electric. I watched the games and forgot about the play, that was until the end of the Texas / Alabama game. I realized Alabama cost me a bag.

Roll Tide? Nah, the power hierarchy and superiority is over. How do you lose to Texas (who I guess is now back?) at home on College Game Day? Knowing the media, they'll probably still be in the Top 4 (which is BS in my book). I am at a loss. A near perfect weekend slate comes collapsing and the chance for an extra $1,700 bucks gone. That's the double edged sword of this game, you win some and you lose some.

Disclaimer: The blog is for entertainment purposes. House Enteprise and DraftKings are not responsible for any lost wages. If you have a gambling problem, please seek additional help. Call 1-800-Gambler for more assistance.

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