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Inside The Booth: 2023 PLL Championship Series (February 24, 2023)

Go #InsideTheBooth with me for the inaugural PLL Championship Series, unlike anything I've ever called.

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to think when the PLL announced they'd try a "Sixes" tournament this winter. The inevitable thoughts of "how can they make this work in the thick of the NLL season" creeped in, along with wondering if the goalies would get peppered, and if scores would simply be too high to predict.

All that doubt was tossed out the window after Wednesday night's opening contests.

Atlas, Chrome, Archers, and Whipsnakes - the top four regular-season PLL teams from last season - have been going at it in Sixes all week. Quick summary of the rule changes: field size is shrunk by 30%, two-point arc is shorter by 2 yards, no face-offs, and 8 minute quarters...all makes for an insane tempo.

I'll be honest - from a PA perspective, this is like nothing I have ever called before. It's essentially combining an NBA game with lacrosse. Friday's tilt was one of the most special pregame environments I had ever felt, as it truly had an NBA aura to it...the music was bumping, players had an extra pep in their step, and the crowd was into it.

Here's a glimpse of last night's ESPN2 game, Archers-Atlas, starting lineups. Stay tuned for more!


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