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Is LeBron holding Anthony Davis back?

Anthony Davis has been a softy now for a while. He is the most fragile and fringe superstar of the modern NBA era. He is injury prone and has nicknames like "Always Damaged" and "ADisney."

Even looking at his play style when he isn't injury, he usually disappears in big games and has stretches where he just doesn't look like he wants to be out there. He is also too scared to play center even though he is 6'10. Sometimes he will take 20 jumpers a game instead of just driving to the hoop because he is too scared.

However, the last three games, Anthony Davis has looked like prime Shaq out there and putting up MVP type numbers. The Lakers are also on a 3 game winning streak. These 3 games, LeBum has sat out and Anthony Davis has excelled. So, is it time to pose the LeBron holding Anthony Davis or even the Lakers back?

Look at Anthony Davis' stats these past three games:

To be fair, the Lakers are playing some trash level teams like the Nets, Pistons and Spurs, but these numbers are still extremely impressive. He looks like 2001 Shaq out there. Also, it is important to note that with LeBron out of the lineup, the rest of the Lakers lineup is pretty trash. He is playing with some guys who were driving for DoorDash two years ago, which makes these stats even more impressive.

It is still pretty early in the NBA season and don't want to draw conclusions just yet, however the Brow might be back if he can stay healthy. If I was the Lakers, I would trade LeBron. He is clearly the problem and he is turning 38 in December. Anthony Davis might be the most feeble 29 year old I know, however the Lakers should just get a haul of picks for LeBum and build around Anthony Davis.

A lot of people have been pointing the finger now at AD for a while, but maybe we have been looking at the wrong guy this entire time.


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