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It's a Sad Day: EA Sports Won't Release Its New College Football Video Game Until 2024

Alexa, play Marvin's Room. I am so sad. I'm not a big video game player, however there have been two video games I have played that have changed my life. First was Modern Warfare 2. There was nothing better than hopping on Xbox live with the homies and playing Terminal, Rust, and Highrise. The second game was NCAA Football 14. It really got me into college football. I miss that game a lot and have been getting ready for its return which was supposed to be July 2023.

It's been nearly two yers since EA Sports announced the return of the game and now it is being pushed back another year until summer 2024. Summer 2023 could have been a 2016 type summer with the game returning, and now we will just have to wait until 2024.

If there's any positive about this, it seems like EA really wants to get the game right before releasing it. It seems like it will be a completely separate entity from Madden which is a massive W. It really does suck that we will have to wait an extra year, however if the game is as good as it should be when it finally comes out, all will be forgiven. It is better to wait and get a perfect game rather than rush it and get an absolute garbage game. Look at NBA 2K for example; they release a game every year and they have been nothing but trash since 2016. Quality over quantity.

So I guess all we can do is wait. It has been almost ten years since NCAA 14 game out so I guess I can do one more..however this game better be PERFECT for the amount of time we are waiting. It has to be the best video game ever created to make this wait okay.


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