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It's about to be a major quarterback shakeup for 2023. Early QB Predictions and Landing Spots: V1

I've been saying this for months, I think the quarterback landscape for this upcoming season is going to look massively different. With the emergence of new young quarterbacks, the concept of moving others, the abundance of fresh blood in the draft, and the retirement of Tom Brady, we are about to see a very new NFL.

With that being said, I've listed out my potential QB carousel based off of trades, free agency, and the draft. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find out who I think stays (for now) and a quick synopsis on where everyone else will land.


Aaron Rodgers

Team: New York Jets

Deal: Trade - 2023 2nd, 2024 1st, WR Corey Davis

The Packers are going to want a nice package for their longtime MVP, and his cap numbers in the next two seasons would be $48.3 million combined. How desperate are the Jets to win now and how badly do they want Rodgers in a new green uniform?

Anthony Richardson

Team: Las Vegas Raiders

Deal: Draft - Round 1, Pick 7

When Derek Carr ultimately gets traded (see below), the Raiders are going to need to make a splash at QB. Rodgers could ultimately be in the cards, but with the price and basis that Las Vegas needs more than just a QB, it makes sense to draft one. No need to jump ahead in the draft, let Richardson fall to 7, and build from there.

Baker Mayfield

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Deal: Resign - 1Y, $5M

With the amount of talent available around free agency, the trade market, and the draft, I can't imagine a scenario where Mayfield goes somewhere else to become the starter. I think he found a nice little "home" in LA, and with Matt Stafford getting up their in age, the Rams would be foolish not resigning Baker as the backup, rather than risking it with John Wolford or Bryce Perkins. Also, the Rams aren't in the financial position to make a splash.

Bryce Young

Team: Carolina Panthers

Deal: Draft - Round 1, Pick 4 (via Trade w/ IND)

The Panthers are in the position to make the jump in their division, despite selling some assets at the deadline last year. They have the money, and the NFC South is wide open. With the amount of depth in the QB position. Carolina needs a proven winner and competitor, so time to make the right gamble on a QB, and Bryce Young fits the mold.

CJ Stroud

Team: Houston Texans

Deal: Draft - Round 1, Pick 2

The Bears aren't going to draft a QB at 1, and it will be an expensive price tag to jump to that position. The Cowboys are "intrigued" but Jerry won't jump this high. Houston needs a long-term answer at quarterback after finishing 3-13-1 last season. Davis Mills was up-and-down across his 15 starts, while Kyle Allen and Jeff Driskel didn't perform much better when given the opportunity. CJ Stroud can be an absolute success, and new Head Coach, DeMeco Ryans, would love to groom Stroud in his new system.

Daniel Jones

Team: New York Giants

Deal: Resign - 3Y, $120M

Daniel Jones has earned himself the payday,

The Giants would be foolish to let Jones walk. He has the infrastructure around him to succeed, Mike Kafka is back so he finally has some stability in the offensive coordinator department, and he has showed that he can be a top quarterback in the league. If the Giants want to build from their cornerstones, then expect DJ back in the Big Blue.

Derek Carr

Team: New Orleans Saints

Deal: Free Agent - 3Y, $110M

I expect Derek Carr to make a massive jump in a new home, and the question is, where will he end up? My pick is the Saints, because they can't afford to keep running out Dalton/Winston/Hill with the talent they have in Kamar and their defense. Derek Carr is a solid quarterback, who just needs a fresh start. Also, head coach Dennis Allen, was Carr’s first NFL head coach before he was fired during Carr’s rookie season.

Geno Smith

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Deal: Resign - 2Y, $75M

Geno Smith, the comeback player of the year, deserves to run it back for the Seahawks. He led the NFL in completion percentage, and brought Seattle back to the postseason, this has to be my lock of QB's in the carousel. Seattle has the opportunity to build around him in the draft (No.5 via Denver), and they shouldn't recreate the wheel with a new QB.

Hendon Hooker

Team: Tennessee Titans

Deal: Draft - Round 2, Pick 41

This is a gimme pick, because of the Tennessee connection, but the Titans could use a new quarterback in the offense. Tannehill is again, Willis is unproven, and Hendon Hooker was a Heisman favorite for the Vols before getting hurt. If the Titans want to shake some things up and get their QB of the future, they should highly consider Hooker.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Deal: Free Agent - 2Y, $40M

If the NFL is rigged, then the storyline that will be created is Jimmy G finally taking over the reigns for Brady. The Bucs have a whole to fill, and their roster is constructed to win now, rather than implode and grow a young quarterback. I think Garoppolo needs to prove he can do it, and Tampa Bay is a great environment to restart and compete.

Lamar Jackson


Deal: Resign - 5Y, $250M

Probably the biggest name available, and to be honest, the Ravens messed this up big time not signing Lamar in the offseason. Now, Jackson is ready for the payday, and their will be teams who will seek his services. The Dolphins are committed to Tua, but don't count them out of the race. The Falcons could use a QB, but have the tools to develop younger talent. The Jets could eye him if they miss out on Rodgers, and the Patriots/Raiders/Saints are all in play according to sources. However, I have a strong feeling that Baltimore gets it done. Lamar Jackson is an MVP and has two 1,000-yard rushing seasons under his belt, he will get a boat load of money, and my prediction is him staying put.

Will Levis


Deal: Draft - Round 1, Pick 9 (via Trade w/ CAR)

The Colts shouldn't try to battle teams eyeing for Stroud and Young, especially with the 4th overall pick. Let the players fall to you, or even trade down a spot or two. Kentucky QB, Will Levis, is a top prospect, and has all of the tools to succeed in the NFL. He carved up SEC defense, and has the ability to be a dual threat in the air and the ground.


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