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It's Mets Opening Day!

October 9, 2022: Some people might know that as my birthday, however I know it as the day the Mets season ended.

Yes, the season ended on my birthday. It was the definition of cursed.

A couple weeks later, I was granted a small gift by the baseball gods: the Phillies losing the World Series to the Astros.

However, it still felt pretty horrible to watch ANOTHER NL east team in the World Series that was not the Mets. I mean even the f**king Nationals won the World Series in 2019. The Mets are at the same level as the Marlins.

Well it has been 172 days since the Mets season ended in heartbreak.

In the last 172 days, a lot of shit has gone down. Here are just a couple of the most important things that happened in Mets land during the offseason:

  1. Verlander signed with Mets

  2. Jacob deGlass departed and signed with the Rangers

  3. Brandon Nimmo resigned with Mets

  4. Carlos Correa signed with the Giants, then the Mets and then back to the Twins. This whole thing was an utter disaster but let's not forget that a team doctor said that Correa's ankle was the worst ankle he had ever seen in his 20+ years of practicing

  5. Kodai Senga signed with Mets

  6. Brooks Raley and David Robertson

  7. Adam Ottavino resigned, Seth Lugo departed

  8. James MCCANT was traded to the Orioles (thank god)

  9. Edwin Diaz injured in WBC and will miss entire season

Here is the bullpen as of now:

Definitely one of the bigger concerns IMO especially with Diaz out.

Tylor Megill who was our opening day starter last year is in the minors now with new signing Jose Quintana who was injured in Spring Training and will not play until July.

BP is definitely a concern but don't want to stress on it until there is a larger sample size.

Mets baseball really means the world to me and I am beyond excited for this season. The start of baseball means the end of winter and that summer is right around the corner. I can almost taste my Citi Field Spiked Arnold Palmer and hot dog. I'm planning on going to 2 games during opening weekend next week against the Marlins and looking forward to it.

I will leave you with this hype video:


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