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It's time for Ohio State to fire Ryan Day..

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Ohio State needs to fire Ryan There might not be a bigger fraud in college football than this clown.

Now listen, I'm not even an Ohio State fan, far from it, but I want a rivalry between these two teams and Ryan Day has turned this into National Michigan Wins Day and it's becoming far from a rivalry. The Wolverines have won 3 straight against Ohio State and Ryan Day is now 1-3 against Michigan. It's kinda crazy to believe that the last time Ohio State beat Michigan there was no COVID-19 and Kawhi Leonard was in his first season with the Clippers.

Ryan Day at Ohio State:

1-3 vs Michigan

40-0 vs the rest of the Big Ten

Another WILD stat about Ryan Day. If you can't beat your greatest rival, you should not be employed. Now, I also think Kyle McCord stinks and he will be selling cars in two short years, but Ryan Day deserves 90% of the blame. Ohio State has the talent year after year and they can't get the job done. Going 11-0 and then losing to Michigan means a FAILED season for Ohio State. They will miss the Big Ten championship for a 3rd straight year.

Also, Jim Harbaugh is serving his 3 game suspension (Fly High, Jim), which means Ryan Fraud Day lost to a backup head coach. That is beyond embarrassing.

Marvin Harrison Jr was fantastic and will be a star in the NFL, but not his fault the defense stunk and so did McCord.

Ryan Day is best just taking the Texas A&M job and never returning to the state of Ohio. The way he calls game is way to conservative for any success at Ohio State.

Ohio State legend, Maurice Clarett, tweeted after the game and denounced Ryan Day and asked Urban Meyer to come back. You gotta be DOWN BAD to ask Urban Meyer to return, but hey losing 3 straight to your rival will do that you.

Ryan Day also had a pathetic post game press conference where he said Ohio State's locker room was "devastated" and discussed the performances of some key position groups.

Where does Ohio State go from here?

Well, Ohio State is not technically out of playoff contention yet, but their CFP chances are definitely very very slim.

One last thing..

Always remember where Ryan Day was born....


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