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Indiana took down #1 Purdue and the court storming afterwards caused some serious outrage

As a 1 year alum of Indiana University, I'm happy Indiana finally didn't choke in a big game. This is Indiana's first win over an AP No. 1 team since 2013.

The game was sweaty.I had a feeling Purdue was gonna fight back in the 2nd half, which they did. Indiana had a 15 point lead early and was up big at half. Purdue stormed back in the 2nd half and eventually cut the lead to just one point when it was 71-70. Trayce Jackson Davis was an absolute MONSTER. He had 25 points against Edey which is pretty impressive.

When the game went final, there was a MASSIVE court storming which might have caused more conversation on Twitter than the actual game.

We should make it known that Indiana was favored in this game and I usually don't agree with court storming when you are a favored, however if you take down #1 in any capacity I believe you should be able to storm. There was a lot of fighting on Twitter on whether Indiana was lame for court storming or not. Some were saying if you are a "blue blood" you can't really storm the court. In my opinion, Indiana hasn't been a blue blood in 40 years, so I'm okay with the court storming considering how disappointing IU basketball has been in the last 10 years.

Check out some of these reactions:

What do you guys think? Was the court storming lame or justified?

I also want it noted that I was apart of one of the great court stormings in CBB history. In my first year of college and my one year at IU, we took down Michigan State at home in a big upset. Caleb and Rone of Barstool Sports were doing their show called "Storm chasers" where they went from college to college waiting for an upset so they could storm the court. This game was the first ever storm they were apart of.

The iconic video:

Indiana is now 15-7 on the season and their next game is against Rutgers at home on Tuesday.


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