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Lakers fans are already in shambles as they tell Westbrook he "f**king sucks" to his face

Well, if you bet the under on games it would take for Lakers fans and Westbrook to get into it, you just cashed. After the Lakers loss to the Clippers, Westbrook was walking back to the locker room when a fan yelled "you f**king suck!" Westbrook heard the fan and they came back out and told him something like "say that to my face." The fan the doubled down and said it to his face and Russ walked back into the tunnel in disgust.

I'm honestly shocked that the fan doubled down. Usually fans are similar to keyboard warriors where they say a lot of sh*t, but once the player or whoever is actually in their face, they back down. But, this fan..WOW, he did not back down. Doubling down was the correct thing to do here, and I honestly respect it. This kinda proves to me that Laker fans are so beyond over Westbrook, that they are willing to double down and face Russ face to face.

To be fair, Russ totally sucked last night. He went 0-11 and the Lakers lost again to the Clippers. I honestly think this Lakers team is worse than last year. However, it all started last year when LeBron wanted to bring in his buddies and senior citizen friends. They got rid of solid players and rejected the Buddy Hield trade a year ago. They don't have a draft pick this year and are stuck with DoorDash drivers on their roster for now.

The Lakers also have a BRUTAL opening schedule to start. They face some of the best teams in the Western Conference.

This schedule is BRUTAL. There is a real possibility they start the season 2-8. It may get real ugly in Lakertown right before Thanksgiving, and you know I'll be sitting here with my popcorn enjoying the show.

But back to the fan, shoutout to you. I can respect the doubling down on Russ.


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