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LeBron James is now crying that he needs to learn how to flop to get calls

This is hilarious because LeBron and the word "flop" have been two peas in a pod since his early days in Miami. I have clear memory of him flopping multiple times in games against the Bulls and Joakim Noah going at him. People have called him "LeFlop" for years which is why I'm laughing that he now is crying saying he needs to "learn how to flop"

Here is a pretty good LeBron flop compilation from Youtube:

The Lakers season keeps going from bad to worse. I really think the Lakers should go into full rebuild and trade LeBron at the deadline for years worth of first round and second round picks. They do not have a first round pick next year because the Pelicans own them through the AD trade. LeBron will be turning 38 in December and with the current squad the Lakers have, they will not win more than 30 games.

I hope the Mickey Mouse Trophy was worth it, LeFraud!


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