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Lifelong Entrepreneur has the solution to end the global water crisis. Introducing FreeWater.

Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Visionary. These are some of the words that would be suitable to describe Josh Cliffords.

At a young age, Cliffords had the entrepreneurial mindset, and like many, had his very own lemonade stand. To gain more business, Josh wrote up a sign that stated "free lemonade", and cars lined the streets. When his supplies were running low, he ran inside and grabbed his baseball card collection, ultimately selling all of his cards for nearly $1,500 bucks. Instead of buying a cool gadget, he parlayed that profit and invested it into a small company called Microsoft. Not bad, right?

Hearing Josh's story makes you realize he is a man that has lived many lives. From traveling around the US in an RV, to joining the Army, and volunteering his time in third world countries, Josh is someone you can listen to his stories for hours. Over the course of all of his adventures and endeavors, his mind brought him to a problem that needed to be addressed. Accessible clean water for all.

With past experiences and a vision in mind, Josh Cliffords introduced FreeWater to the world in 2018. Drinkable advertising and aluminum cans is his answer to solve the global water crisis.

FreeWater is the world's first free beverage company. Fresh spring water in aluminum bottles and paper cartons all free because of their packaging. Ad Space. What makes FreeWater even more special is that ten cents from each beverages is donated to charity that builds water wells for those in need. If 10% of Americans choose FreeWater, the company will have donated enough money to solve the global water crisis permanently.

Josh Cliffords joins the podcast this week (8:15 mark) and we discuss how FreeWater pays for itself with advertisements, how they’ve been getting their water to consumers, and what other products could be “free” in the future.


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