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Living in the moment. A PGA spectator admiring Tiger Woods lands a deal with Michelob Ultra

It was the PGA Championship last week, and it was must watch programming after a playoff between Will Zalatoris and winner Justin Thomas decided the outcome. But before that moment, many golf fans were tuned into Tiger Woods.

Hundreds lined up, pulling out their phones and getting ready to capture what was about to go down. Mark Radetic of Missouri was one of the spectators, but unlike the people around him, he just quietly watched in awe.

Not trying to go viral and just enjoying the moment watching one of the game's best, has changed his life with one simple photo.

This guy just gets it. I try to live in the moment but sometime am caught up in the photos and social media. This man is a living example of what we should all strive to do. Sit back, enjoy greatness over a beer, and disconnect from technology.

Obviously, the photo circulated hundreds of thousands of times through social media. It blew up so much, Michelob Ultra found the guy, and created a whole ad campaign and merch line in his honor.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think standing there watching Tiger Woods hit a shot and me holding a beer that it would turn into this," - Mark Radetic

Radetic told The 73rd Hole Podcast, that he would get a copious amount of beer and merchandise and the potential to go to other PGA events. Hell yeah!

This is one of the stories you love discovering. The internet and big brands stay winning when stuff like this happens. Congrats to the Michelob Ultra Guy and Cheers to Anheuser-Busch for making this happen.

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