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Met Life: How do you even describe this crushing defeat?

You may have noticed that the regular "three yays and three nays" segment has taken a hiatus. To be honest, these losses have forced me to be at a loss of words. I want to believe in Daniel Jones, but he hasn't show the results this year. The roster construction has limited the offense that could be explosive, the defense (and the team as a whole) has underperformed, and I am starting to question Coach Daboll.

I return to the Giants blog game completely stunned. The expectations tonight were rock bottom, but I had some hope on the former Bills making an upset in Buffalo. The fact that this game came down to not one, but two goal-line stalemates actually makes me sick to my stomach.

Fact or fiction - the Giants lost this game themselves. The poor clock management at the end of the first half and not converting at the goal-line truly will be something I can't believe I witnessed. But also fact or fiction - was this not a blatant pass interference? This wasn't a penalty? A hold?

The Giants still have handed the ball off to Saquon in that position. The best player on the entire offense could have crushed it down the middle. I don't hate the pass call, however, run should have been the priority. Not to make excuses (as this sentence seems already going back and forth in a ton of different directions), this may have been the worst missed call of the season.

With the amount of injuries coming and the depleted morale, this loss sucks, but there were some promising moments.

Hats off to Tyrod Taylor, who truly stepped in and made a difference. He played a clean game with 200 yards passing, and got the core group of receivers the ball. Slayton and Robinson had over 60 yards, Waller caught five passes for 43 yards, even the rookie Jaylen Hyatt came up with some nice grabs in his 21 yards. Having Saquon back was massive, and he helped the offense march down the field with his 93 yards of rushing. The O-Line showed some improvement, only allowing two sacks, and they created lanes for Barkley and pockets for Taylor. The defense was tremendous. There was fire behind them, and they held down a top-3 scoring offense to just 14 points.

The Giants showed plenty of potential, and flashes of them old selves, especially against an AFC contender. The problem is, what's next? Do you ride with Daniel Jones when he comes back healthy? Does this team start the tank and trade away contracts? Who is on the hot seat? Does the O-Line get some reinforcements? I want this team to be playoff hopefuls, but with one of the hardest strength of schedules remaining and a 1-5 record, I think this season is on the brinks of being a wash...


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