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Millions of viewers and billions of Won, the numbers behind the Netflix hit show, Squid Game

A combination of thriller, horror, and spooky, Squid Game is THAT show everyone is talking about. A cross-over between Black Mirror and Hunger Games, the Korean survival thriller is a must watch that has became a global sensation. Set in modern-day Seoul, South Korea, the plot revolves around country and personal debt, gambling, life or death choices, and simple children's games? A combination of "could this happen?" and "oh this could happen", Squid Game is incredibly filmed, perfectly cast, and easy to watch, the show was an absolute hit.

From millions of viewers, thousands of Halloween costume ideas, and hundreds of people calling the number on the show, there was plenty of crazy stats coming out of the show. I don't know why I am so fascinated by the numbers behind this show, but the results were fascinating and worth sharing.


82 Million Subscribers

That's how many people worldwide watched the show on Netflix in the last month. That's almost 747 hours of Squid Game consumed. Prior to it's release, the highest viewed shows in their first 28 days.

  1. Bridgerton, season 1 -- 625 million hours

  2. Money Heist, part 4 -- 619 million hours

  3. Stranger Things 3 -- 582 million hours

  4. The Witcher, season 1 -- 541 million hours

  5. 13 Reasons Why, season 2 -- 496 million hours

22.8 Billion Views

The hashtag, #SquidGame, on TikTok has been viewed by this many people, with millions creating various videos replicating the sugar cookie game, dawning the bright color tracksuits, or playing the distinctive creepy music.

10 Years

That's how many years the now-popular show was rejected by producers. Hwang Dong-hyuk, first came up with the premise a decade ago, while living with his mother and grandmother. With no one interested, and work hard to come by, Hwang was forced to sell his laptop for $675, effectively putting a major hold on writing anymore of the script. That was until 2019, where Netflix began to up its focus on Korean-based flicks, and discovered this hidden gem. The rest, is now history. Squid Game is now the most viewed streamed show in 83 countries.

46.5 billion Won

That was the amount that was presented as the prize money for the games. One of the most popular searches on Google the past month was "how much is 46.5 billion won to USD?", well that equals about $38 million USD. Crazy...


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