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MLB investigating Yankees and Mets over possible illegal communication regarding Aaron Judge

Last night, the MLB announced they are investigating the Yankees and Mets for their part in Aaron Judge's on going free agency. Basically what happened was Steve Cohen said that the Mets would not be pursuing Judge because he has a good relationship with Yankees owner, Hal Steinbrenner.

One of the worst people on the planet, Andy Martino posted a story two weeks ago saying that the two owners have a "respectful relationship" and because of it, Cohen will not dabble into the Judge sweepstakes.

So basically, the MLPA is pissed because they want Aaron Judge to get the most money humanly possible. And if one of the richest owners in baseball is not in on the Judge sweepstakes, the MLBPA will not be happy. It seems like the Yankees and the Mets have some sort of weird pact to not sign each other's players, but I heard Brandon Nimmo was talking to the Yankees. This "pact" will go out the window when Brandon Nimmo is a Yankee next season.

Anyway, I don't really understand why the MLBPA cares so much. It just seems like a couple of dudes who are really rich and own baseball teams that just want to make New York baseball fun. The article talked about how Cohen viewed Judge as the face of the Yankees for the next ten years and couldn't imagine seeing him in another uniform.

I would really enjoy if Cohen was bluffing the entire time and all of a sudden signed Judge for 400 million. We really could use a power bat with that feeble offense and Billy InEptler is somewhere sleeping, just like he did turn the trade dudline.

Update from Rob Manfraud on the matter:

I'm gonna post another blog later this week about my Mets offseason predictions and where I think our big name players will go, but I can guarantee something now.

DeGrom will be a Texas Ranger. And who will be our starting pitcher? This bum:

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