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MORE MOVES: Mets acquire Brooks Raley

I love the MLB off-season. There is nothing more fun than just sitting at your desk doing work and then BOOM your teams acquires a new player. However, if you are a Giants fan I'm praying for you right now and I'm guessing Jon Heyman will never be allowed near Oracle Park ever again.

The Mets have acquired left hander Brooks Raley from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for left hander Keyshawn Askew. Jon Heyman reported the news first which means I had to wait for another source to confirm.

Raley is a 35 year old lefty who made his MLB debut in 2012 with the Cubs. He has had an interesting career which included playing in the KBO. He came back to the MLB in 2020 and signed with the Reds, but got designated for assignment after just four relief appearances.

The Reds traded him to the Astros where he was actually pretty solid. He posted a 3.94 ERA in 17 appearances. The Rays signed him to a two year deal at the start of 2022. He threw 53 innings this year with a 2.68 ERA. He recorded six saves and 22 holds.

This is a solid signing for the Mets who are basically trying to rebuild their entire bullpen.

Raley pretty much becomes the team's top lefty out of the bullpen. I honestly have no idea who that pitcher is who we traded. When I saw his name my immediate reaction was the Snoop Dog "WHOOOOOO?" meme.

I guess he was a 10th round selection of the Mets in 2021. He split time between Single and High A. No clue who this is and I will not miss him because I think this a solid move for the Mets as they rebuild their bullpen.

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