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My First PLL Game Experience: The Redwoods may be the team to beat this playoffs.

Since Zimmer started announcing at the PLL, I've started slowly watching (and betting), to where I enjoy the game. What the PLL has done for the sport is pretty special, and seeing how they are growing as a brand is something that will be taught for years to come. We've had a few guests on the show, including RJ Kaminski and Trevor Baptiste, and after the hyped they've built up, I've had to check it out in person.

Jake hooked it up for the Labor Day special at Gillette Stadium, a short ride from Providence, and it did not disappoint. I caught the first matchup of the the day, and also placed (what I thought was going to be) a nice little parlay.

I would consider myself an "above average casual". I know plenty of names, I know who's good, and I know who should be exceling in this playoffs. I hit the morning matchup of the Chaos and the Redwoods, and I thought that the Chaos were going to win. Mainly because of the man behind the net, the 4x Goalie of the Year, Blaze Riorden.

Blaze is an brick wall, with 135 saves on the season. I knew the Redwoods were going to put up a fight, but I did not expect a lopsided massacre.

Wes Berg was the man of the match, and he went absolutely parabolic. The Canadian, who played for the Chaos last season and came into the contest with 21 goals on the year, tied the PLL single-game record with seven goals to help lead the Redwoods to the semifinals. There was no stopping Berg and the The Woods, especially after dropping 13 goals in the first half.

It's going to be hard to bet against them after a performance like this. The Chaos just looked lost and sluggish today. The Redwoods have caught my attention. As of now, I'd consider myself a free agent until the teams get assigned geographic locations next season. I'll ride with the Atlas because of our new friend Trevor (MVP!). The Waterdogs are the fun team because of Pardon My Take. The Cannons will obviously be the New England team of choice, going back to their Boston Roots, but if the Redwoods make a splash, they may have my services.

As for my experience? It was pretty sweet. The tailgate area was full of energy. I got a chance to shoot the shit with our guest, RJ Vukovich (Owner of VukGripz). I witnessed the buzz and excitement from all ages. Lacrosse is truly taking over, and the PLL has captivated an audience. Gillette showcased their brand new mega screen, which is spectacular on it's own, but the use of it by the PLL was solid. From an overall standpoint, the fan experience that was created within the stadium was one of the better atmospheres across all pro sports. I look forward to their return to New England next year!


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