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My instant thoughts on Instagram "Threads"

Because we need another app...

The "Twitter Killer" is finally here. Meta today officially launched Threads, the new social media app that it has been working on as an alternative to Twitter. Threads is described as "Instagram's text-based conversation app. With the app, users can post "Threads" that other users can reply to, with Threads from followers showing up in a main timeline. Meta is linking Threads to Instagram, so IG usernames will transfer over and there will be some symmetry between platforms.

So, now that we got that out of the way, I am here to bring you my thoughts. Full disclosure, I've only scrolled on the app for like 20 minutes, so this is true knee jerk "insta" reactions. As someone who runs a media platform, I understand that the internet and media are forever evolving. New platforms, new eras, new ways to get content out there, it's all so very important.

However, at the ripe age of 26, I may be out on new social media apps. Call me a boomer, but after a few days of getting off the phone with the fourth happening, I feel refreshed and better than ever, and I really don't need more apps to aimlessly scroll on at 2am.

Is it so hard to create a place where I can post pictures of my dog, talk about the Yankees, and not be surrounded by nonsense? Sorry, my boomer came out again.

I guess I am just having a hard time watching the apps that we grow up with starting to fall apart.

I mean, it's happened before. Tumblr, Pintrest, MySpace, even Facebook. Those are now relics in the world of social media. I'd rather the developers fix the programs with the current apps, then build a new one.

Rant over.

So with that being said, here are my early thoughts...

  • My first bullet point says it all, do we need another app? Let alone another social media app? I am finally getting the hang of TikTok, I still actively use Twitter, and Instagram (hot take) has been my go to. What is the purpose of Threads?

  • Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to square off Elon Musk, but what makes this different then Twitter? Also - Twitter is becoming the wild west, where Instagram has stricter policies on showing stuff. Why should I hop off now?

  • Speaking of tech giants trying to make the next big thing, when is Amazon and Bezos going to drop a social media app?

  • Additional point... is TruthSocial dead?

  • Instagram had how long to make this legit, and the interface is ehhhh at best.

  • Obviously it takes time to adapt and try new products, but what's the catch? Are people really over Twitter that much? Why is this any different?

I don't know how much I'll be on threads, but if this ruins Instagram, I am quitting social media as a whole.



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