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NEW: Finally Binge-Watched, a TV Show Review Blog, presented by House Enterprise.

We're at the point of the post-pandemic / weird adulthood time where there isn't much excitement going on. We wake up, we work, we weekend, we repeat. Here in New England, we're at the gloom part of the calendar. It's rained or snowed every day for over a week, and all I want to do is just chill inside.

But on those off-chances you do go out an socialize, the easiest and most obvious conversation starter amongst any age 22 and up is "what are you watching". Between the dozen or so streaming services and thousands of options to choose from, it's hard to navigate and choose. You probably have a mental list or an iPhone notes going of shows you've been told to watch because your friend said "trust me, it's an awesome watch". You go home, you start watching, and you spend hours and hours on a show that was just "alright".

Obviously tv shows and their reviews are subjective, so here's a new blog series presented by House Enterprise that'll save you time and bring you a trustworthy perspective on if it's worth the watch.

We'll be rating shows based off of their plots, acting/cast, cinematography, how easy is it to binge, and was it a good watch. This winter has brought me already a few shows binged and a few blogs in the draft, so let's get right to it.


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