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NEWS: A Glimpse at Bryant Basketball's New Arena

Updated: May 10, 2022

Many have been quite vocal this week about Bryant's limited capacity inside the Chace Athletic Center. We knew there were plans for a new arena, announced by the University's "Vision 2030" plan a few months back, but we had close to no timeframe on when this would all shake down.

Today, Bryant announced these plans. And boy, do these renderings deliver.

Bryant describes this as a "premier athletic facility with state-of-the art features for the University’s NEC Champion Men’s Basketball team, a welcoming performing arts venue, and a center for campus-wide activities including commencement and convocation." For those that know the campus, the new arena is going next to Beirne Stadium (football) and the Bulldog Strength & Conditioning Center...essentially, it'll be built on top of where the Bryant soccer teams currently play.

Bryant says the Convocation Center will provide for the following:

  • A home for Bryant Men’s & Women’s Basketball, and Volleyball

  • Court for competition, locker room, support spaces

  • Home for Convocation and Graduation that can accommodate the entire student body (goodbye tents in the parking lot!)

  • Black box theater, soundproof concert hall, home for theater and dance

  • Special programming center for other events


  • 4,400 for events with floor seating

  • 3,400 fixed seats for sports games (2,500 in lower bowl, 900 in upper bowl)

It looks like they’ll break ground in 2023, which puts this on target for a 2025 opening. This is truly a game-changer for Bryant Athletics, and I sure can’t wait to watch the NEC Champion Bryant Bulldogs compete in this building.


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