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No Questions At This Time: Best iPhone Games of All Time

Last week when I was with my family, my Niece was ripping up the 2048 game. An instant core memory popped up of me playing that back in 2014 on my new iPhone 6 as a junior in high school.

I had to redownload it. I haven't had games on my phone in years and had to hop back in the mix.

The nostalgia instantly hit me and made me think of getting my first iPod touch back in 2007 or 08 (feel old yet?). Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, the whole shebang. I went back to my old downloads and reuploaded a few of them and had so much more fun playing those games then scrolling through social media at 1am.

So that's when I started thinking. What were the best of the best all of those years ago. Well, get ready to be triggered. I introduce to you, the top ten games in iPhone/ iPod Touch history...


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