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No Way Jose! The embarrassment continues for Canseco, as Billy Football wins by TKO at RoughnRowdy

On the eve of Super Bowl weekend, the highly anticipated matchup between MLB's supervillain and Barstool's elite intern ended in a surprise. If you were living under a rock this past month, Former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco made his Rough N’ Rowdy debut tonight. RNR is the boxing-brawling event hosted by Barstool Sports that has grown in competitiveness and viewership over the years. His opponent? A 21-year old former college quarterback turned podcast intern. His name. Billy Football. It all began with a past beef, where Jose insulted ARod and BigCat jokingly wanted to fight Jose. A few years later, and Jose finally responded. Billy stepped in to fight for his honor.

Earlier this week, William Cotter, aka Billy Football, told TMZ he was going to "shock the world". He did just that and came out in HOT. Once the bell rang, Billy rushed after Jose and landed a handful of shots. The fight was short-lived and resulted in Jose getting dropped in the corner and whimpering in pain. The ref stopped the fight, and Billy was declared the winner by TKO. Canseco followed up by saying his shoulder has been torn for a few months. Interesting how fast his words changed from a "sure victory".

Jose went from claiming an easy victory and walking Billy out in a body bag to diving on the big stage and yielding out with a "shoulder" injury. Jose Canseco is the first person to hit forty home runs, steal forty bases, and get knocked out in forty seconds.

At the end of the day, Billy Football was in the zone and came fully prepared. The world was backing the berserker. His heart and might were no match for the infamous former MLBer. Cheers to Billy and cheers to the Common Man!


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