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Now This Is How You Announce You Are Out For The Year With Tommy John Surgery

Rockies pitcher Lucas Gilbreath announced through a TikTok trend today that he has to have Tommy John surgery next week. First off, wishing him a speedy recovery. He broke some really tough news in an incredible way. This trend has been going around on TikTok where people are announcing sad or depressing things through this funny CapCut edit. For example, I've seen one that was like "I've been diagnosed with a STD" with this edit.

Tommy John surgeries are usually a sad announcement, but Gilbreath made it funny. It is nice to see he is optimistic and just have some fun on TikTok.

I hope more athletes make announcements like this. Imagine if we had trades and free agent signings announced through TikTok trends? Wtf would Jeff Passan do?

Anyways, props to Lucas again for making light of this depressing situation.


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