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NQATT: 25 Days of Takemas - Ranking the "Big Four" New Haven Pizza Places. December 3rd.

Day 3 of the 25 Days of Takemas, and we're talking Pizza. After our big House trip the NYC, on the way home we hit Modern in New Haven. It was the first time I've been, and I finally have tried the "Big Four" of New Haven Pizza Places. All similar, yet all different.

For the casual pizza lover, New Haven Apizza is a hotter, crispier, and dirtier coal fire descendant of Neapolitan style pie. The city has deep pizza history, starting with Frank Pepe himself back in 1925, Soon after, others followed, and the revolution of the food was underway in Connecticut.

I'm a big fan of the white clam pizza, that stuff slaps, but for this ranking, we are going standard cheese. Also, hot take incoming, New York Pizza is > New Haven Pizza, and that is a flat out fact...


4. BAR

One of the largest pizza's I've ever head, their pies were massive. The thin slices throw me off, reminds me of a elementary pizza party, but that's the New Haven way. BAR is a newer vibe compared to the other three. It's a very cool spot to hangout, I mean it literally is a bar. Great food selection and craft beer, but in terms of history, it's way too new.

3. Frank Pepe's

The OG! Their white clam pizza is the best out of the four, I'll give them that. I can eat that 7 days a week. Now the reason I ranked them third is because they are over popularized. I've had the the satellite locations more often then the OG. Warwick, Mohegan Sun, Massachusetts. All very good, but they lost their lust in my opinion.

2. Modern

I've had this one the most recent, but it was high quality all around. I loved how their cheese was similar to what I get in New York, so points for that. Great undercarriage, not as messy as the others. Still though, an hour plus wait is crazy.

1. Sally's

It makes sense why Portnoy has it as one of his top ranked pizzas. There is no doubting the flavor was fantastic, cheese to sauce ratio and the crisp and flop proportion was sound, it's a great pizza all around.



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