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NQATT: 25 Days of Takemas - Top 5 Yankee Candle Scents. December 5th

December 5th of Takemas, and we are giving you a top five (top 5, top 5, top 5) of Yankee Candle Scents. I am a BIG candle guy, and an even bigger Yankee Candle guy. Yankee Candle is the Cadillac of Candles. They are pricy, but you are paying for a masterclass product. They last forever, they are great gifts, and they are the best candles on the market. There are over 600 candle scents from the brand, and here are my top five.


Honorable Mentions

  • WoodWick Whipped Macha

  • Autumn Wreath

  • Balsam and Cedar

  • Catching Rays

  • Macintosh

Gotta tip that cap to some of these elite smells. The problem with the seasonal/holiday selections is that they have such a some window of use. With the Woodwick selection, they are a Yankee Candle subsidiary, but I don't know if it should count in the Top 5.

5. Ocean Air

Coming in at No. 5 is Catching Rays. A clean, refreshing, and simple candle. Is it the summer air or fresh laundry? I am not sure, but it's delightful.

4. Sage and Citrus

This earthy honey candle doesn't get enough love. This is an excellent kitchen candle, that will help combat any cooking smell. It's sweet yet subtle, which makes it a top tier candidate for this list.

3. Clean Cotton

A clean smell coming from clean cotton. This is a versatile candle. If you are having people over and want your place smelling fresh, you light this bad boy up and you are golden. Ladies love, men wish they were it, clean cotton is a go-to for your collection.

2. Pink Sands

People are going to be pissed that Pink Sands is not one, but hey, it's my list. Pink Sands is an elite scent, don't get me wrong, but I think it's been overplayed. Also, I went to the "pink sands" beach in Bermuda this past year, and it isn't that pink. Faulty marketing. Still, there is a reason why Pink Sands is a top selling YC, and it's the combination of fresh aroma that mixes bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

1. Midnight Summer

Now this right here, this is a candle. What a product by Yankee Candle. The smell lingers for hours and it is so relaxing and refreshing. Honestly, it's addicting. Picture woody sage, musk, and minty. This is perfection.

All Photos Courtesy of Yankee Candle Website



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