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OPINION: Caleb Williams has the talent to be a No.1 pick, but is he worth the gamble after all of his requests?

I am kind of thankful the Giants aren't in the position to draft Caleb Williams. Don't get me wrong, he is a generational talent, and arguably one of the statistically best QBs we've ever seen out of college, but something about USC product reminds me of Bo Callahan.

All jokes aside, because people hate on Costner's 'Draft Day', the news that continues to come out of William's camp is stuff I would be worried about, not only as a fan but as a franchise.

I know it's standard for marquee players to sit out of bowl games and opt-out against on-field testing at the combine. I get it, don't want to risk an injury, but I think it's kind of corny. His plot has thickened though, when sources are saying that Williams is going to be declining medical exams, being the first invitee to ever do so.

That's a red flag, no?

I also found it odd that he doesn't have an agent yet. It's not bizarre and clearly he did just fine with securing roughly $10 million dollars in NIL money, but people are saying that his father has been very controlling and upfront about his son's future.

Earlier in the season, Williams was getting dragged by the media about his request for team ownership stake to whoever drafts him in the NFL. Turns out, it was Carl Williams who asked agents about loopholes to avoid rookie contracts, as well as whether it would be possible to receive an ownership stake in his new team.

Kind of crazy for someone who hasn't even thrown a pass yet? If Tom Brady didn't get equity from Robert Kraft, then Caleb Williams is NOT getting a slice of the Chicago Bears this year.

There are just a lot of tidbits that make you think, is this guy going to succeed with all of the bright lights? Again, who am I to question what Caleb Williams is doing before the draft? I am just a random dude blogging about him, but as a fan of a team that is potentially drafting him, I would feel a little worried.


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