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Opinion: Is 2023 Michigan the best College Football Team of All-Time? Absolutely Not.

I've been seeing this comment a lot since Monday, and honestly, if I was a Michigan fan, I'd probably still be "lost in the sauce" and saying stuff like this. There is no discrediting the dominance of Michigan this past season. The National Champion went 15-0. The had elite wins over Penn State, Ohio State, Alabama, and Washington. They outscored opponents of 538-156. They overcame any adversity and allegation, and finished the season on top.

Yet, all of that still doesn't strike me as the "greatest team of all-time". I don't know if

Take Joe Burrow's 2019 LSU Squad. They had their entire starting offense and defense get drafted in the NFL. They had big time wins over Florida, at Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and absolutely smoked Clemson in the championship. Clemson is a program that had the pedigree and the coaching, and the Bayou Tigers absolutely mopped them on the floor. The 726 points were the most scored by any national champion in the history of college football, and again, they came against a schedule that was next-level brutal. Like the quote-tweet above, I truly think that LSU would demolish this Michigan team.

I won't count the plumbers that played with the 1894 16-0 Yale team, even though historically they were fantastic, but what about the 2022 Georgia Bulldogs and their back-to-back championships? How about the pedigree and iconic names coming out of the 2001 Miami Hurricanes? Heck, I think some of those iconic Nebraska squads from years ago would take care of JJ McCarthy.

This is all hypothetical fan-fiction, but honestly, what makes this Michigan team so hyped up?

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