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Outdoor venues in pro-sports we would LOVE to see

Nothing helps the postpartum football hangover better than an outdoor classic, and hats off to the NHL for bringing a game to Lake Tahoe. I mean, come on, the backdrop is just stunning. Outdoor hockey games are just so fun, and this one is just beautiful. Although special outdoor venues certainly come with risk, as we saw today the hockey game faced a delay (then further canceled) because it wasn't cold enough for ice, either way, these venues are electric. Fans would crave to see more of them which got me thinking about what venues should be revived, and what new ones should be planned.

The Carrier Classic

Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters

Bring it back! The Carrier Classic was an all-time patriotic move and provided some unreal sunset shots. The last time the classic was played was in 2012, aboard the USS Yorktown. The game later shifted to the Armed Forces Classic, which is played on various military bases around the world, but having a hardtop on a navy aircraft carrier is just flat-out awesome.

How about Knicks vs. Nets at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

Only four NBA games have been played outside. The fear for outdoor games is the weather, but it shouldn't be out of the question. The Suns and Nuggets played in a tennis arena back in 2008, so why not get a cross-town rivalry matchup in one of the best tennis arenas in the country?

Photo: Rafael Gamo / Architect Magazine

Home Run Derby at a golf course?

Photo: Torrey Pines Golf Course

You read that right. Picture Aaron Judge or Vladdy Jr. just launching missiles on Torrey Pines in sunny San Diego, California. You want to make baseball fun, you make some biodegradable baseballs and ripping homers into the ocean. That'd be pretty cool, no? It would be easy marketing for the MLB too. "Slam Diego". With the pandemic still going on, it will be hard to imagine any of these, but a guy can dream.


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