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PHOTOS: The Providence Collab of the year! March Forth, by ISCO x Narragansett!

Two of the bigger names in the Rhode Island beverage industry teamed up for a special release that was worth the wait, and worth the drive down to Sims Ave! Introducing March Forth, a speciality aged spirit distilled from Narragansett Beer's Marzen Lager!

Aged for 20 months in charred new oak, ISCO has created a spirit that has a mix tasting notes including honey, cider and elderberry caramel on the nose. The spirit offers up warm tones of toasted grains and smoked toffee, with a lingering malty finish on the palate.

To create March Forth!, the duo “upcycled” the remainder of 2021’s Märzen beer. ISCO decarbonized it, distilled it like a whiskey, and aged it for 20 months in a new charred American oak barrel, and finally brought the spirit to a rich 85 proof.

Limited supplies last, so run down to Industrious Spirits Co, to secure yours!


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