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PLL: New York Atlas, let's get it!

I never really had a dog in the race when the PLL started. I was a bandwagon casual to start, but respected the mind and greatness of Paul Rabil. I loved the model that was created when the league started, but for a new fan, it was hard to figure out who to root for. I didn't really start paying attention until last season. I had the chance to attend Gillette for the playoffs thanks to Zimmer, and it was an awesome atmosphere. Ultimately, I chose the Atlas as the team to root for. One, because the head coach was former Bryant skipper, Mike Pressler, but also because of our new friend, BBB Podcast Guest and 2022 MVP, Trevor Baptiste.

When the PLL announced that they were dedicating teams to regions, I finally had the chance to choose, or at least stick with the Atlas wherever they went.

Living in Rhode Island now, I am in a paradox of fandom. My ties are with New York, and I can't start adding Boston teams to my fan portfolio. The Cannons are obviously the original team, and I knew they were going to land back home. I wasn't sure who or if anyone would land in New York, but alas, everything comes full circle.

Not sure if my Twitter game is strong, our our friend RJ Kaminski tossed in a favor, but I officially signed my fandom to the New York Atlas. The Atlas Lacrosse Club will represent the greater New York area from New York City, to Long Island, to the Capital Region.

Rabil stated in a press conference that the league won’t announce where games will be played until the schedule drops on January 1st, but he did mention that Albany was one of the strongest markets for the sport. Either way, I am pumped to be able to support a team from my home state, and looking forward to the season to kick off!


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