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Positivity Corner: Myles Copeland- Firefighter, Basketball Player, and life saver.

The Basketball League is a startup pro league comprised of over 30 teams across the country. You probably haven't heard of this organization, but you may have heard of a guy named Myles Copeland.

Photo: Front Office Sports

He is a player on Toledo Glass City Basketball Club as well as a firefighter in Toledo, Ohio. After a 16-8 regular season, Glass City moved onto to the playoffs in the Upper Midwest Region. The game was in New York, and Copeland drove to New York right after a 24 hour shift.

During the matchup, one of the referees collapsed on the court. Right away, firefighter Myles Copeland was at the game official’s side administering CPR.

After 30 minutes, he saved the mans life. Afterwards, Glass City won the game.

First off, thank God that the referee survived, and secondly, hats off to Myles Copeland. This dude just worked a whole day, drove half way across the country to ball, and then performed thirty minutes to save a strangers life. I feel like this should've been publicized more but ESPN is too focus positing tacky TikToks.

Either way, cheers to you Myles Copeland. Incredible job.


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