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Power Rankings: The Worst Sports Graphics Ever Posted

My TikTok timeline has been filled with absolute gems. Last night, I discovered another account during my late night scrolls, that had be laughing in bed. @VerseFantasy posted two videos of social media accounts posting these insane graphics of players and coaches personal lives. It is a prime example of their social media interns doing the absolute most, but they became all-time memes in the making.

So, I present to you, my power rankings, of the worst sports graphics ever created.

Please enjoy.


10. Penn State Super Bowl Appearances

It's a cool stat and it definitely shows the talent that is present at Penn State, but why post this? You could have easily said "this Super Bowl will include our 70th player since 1967". Instead, you make a hilarious post with big bold letters stating the prior, and then you sneak in a small and faded "except for five". Now, that's comedy.

9. Number of Children Phillip Rivers

Nine kids, no Super Bowls. It's always funny when they would throw this up on the TV. Like we all know Phillip Rivers is a dog in the bed, but they joke was overplayed. Still hilarious that someone green lighted this.

8. Florida Seminoles and MLK Day Collab

Yikes. FSU is already in hot water for keeping their Seminole Logo and continuing to do "the chop", but photoshopping MLK doing the chop is a wild move. This reminded me of when Justin Bieber said Ann Franke would have been a "Belieber". Just sit this one out, buddy.

7. Texas Football GPA, HOOK EM!

Power Five football players haven't been going to school for decades. Let's be honest, they are their to play football. To boast this "accomplishment" is just a slap in the face for the university.

6. Christian Wood COVID

T's and P's to Christian Wood, but come on? Little much? COVID was such a weird time, we truly back tracked human evolution that year.

5. Greg McDermott Suspension

This could have been just a tweet or a tagline. The most dramatic way to say "he messed up" ever.

4. Meyers Leonard Apology

Actually, this one is more dramatic. This makes Meyers Leonard even more of a prick.

2. Nuni Omont Not Seeing His Father

I'll just leave this one here. Is there any reason that should be his tagline?

2. The Mono Diagnosis Heard Round The World

They did Sam Darnold so dirty with this. Just say he is sick. To have a slow promo of him pointing, followed by his ghost comments, made him look like an absolute tool. The young QB got messed up with the wrong girl at the bar. At least it wasn't an STD.

1. Don't Borrow Pee From A Girl

LMAOOO. DJ Cooper learned a valuable lesson that afternoon. Male and Female biology is very different. He might have also learned that he was the father, if he borrowed urine to pass a drug test from his girlfriend. The hit of emotions that smacked him across the face must have been brutal.

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