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Providence standout finds a home in the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets have signed David Duke Jr.

From the smallest state to the biggest city, David Duke Jr. is heading to New York. The Providence College Friar went undrafted but has landed on the star-studded Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets got themselves a good one. Duke shined at PC, where he started in all of his 91 career games. He was a consistent scorer, who averaged nearly 12 points a game while shooting nearly at 40%. The Nets are getting a player who can facilitate the court, make shots from all over, and someone who has smooth handles. He is a raw talent who can shine, especially learning from the Nets loaded roster All-Stars in the likes of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.

This is an exciting time for the 401 and Friar Town. Rhode Island may swing towards rooting for the Celtics, I can guarantee you will see some Nets jerseys floating around the Dunk this season. Even though I am a Knicks fan, I'll be repping a Duke Nets x Statement jersey. Congrats, David, let's go!!


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