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Question of the Day: How do YOU fill out your March Madness Bracket?

Updated: Mar 19

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I know we live in a modern world, and all of your brackets are submitted electronically and the old phone-machine, but if you are a true College Hoops fan, then you have to print out a bracket and fill it out by hand. It's a hill I will die on, and it's a hill that you need to climb.

The haters will say "well who still owns printers?". Fair point, but there are plenty of ways to work around that. Steal paper and ink from work, go to the library, buy a cheap one on Amazon, call your parents, the list goes on. It's 2024, let's try to problem solve here folks.

At the end of the day, there is no better feeling in March than getting a fresh clean paper bracket, and tracking along until it's busted. For many, that's day one and the sheet gets crumbled, but for most (and I mean most true fans), you keep that sheet until the final whistle.

The debate is, what's the correct way to fill out teams that advanced. For me? Highlighters. Best way to see, and best way show who moves on, while keeping it legible. We've asked the Twitterverse their thoughts with the poll below.


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