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Rams reveal their Super Bowl Rings. Is the glitz and glam greater than the Lombardi Trophy itself?

One of the most prolific moments in all of sports is when the winner of the "Big Game" hoist up the Lombardi Trophy. The confetti, the Disney World slogans at the end, and of course the massive rings a few months later.

The trophy is a classic and timeless piece of hardware, but the rings have evolved over time. Honestly, the rings that more and more incredible as the years go on. The attention to detail is miles above and the rocks included are insane.

The Rams balled out. This ring has the most carat weight in the history of any sports championship ring. .23 carats of diamonds on columns for the 23 points in Super Bowl. (I can't imagine if a team drops 50 in the game in the coming years.) There are pieces of game-winning ball and SoFi Turf, and the top of the ring removes off that showcases a mini SoFi Stadium.

How much are these even worth? The rings are worth more than the moment of lifting the Super Bowl trophy, and honestly I don't blame anyone who feels that way.

And that's talking rings until next year, when the next one will probably blow this one out of the water.


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