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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 1 and 2.

If you know me, you know I am a big Yellowstone fan. Kevin Costner is one of the GOAT's in the entertainment industry, and the storytelling of the show is captivating. Beth and Rip are an all-time love interest duo in any television show, and you can fight me on that take. No Questions At This Time...

There is no doubt that Yellowstone is a hit. The show knows how to push numbers and break records, with over 12 million people tuning in on Sunday to catch the Dutton Family back in action.

After a few days of sitting on the premiere (and re watching the episodes), I've put together my "Ranch Thoughts" which will drop every week following the show.

So if you haven't caught up, spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched yet, I am not sure what you are waiting for. Yellowstone is a modern masterpiece. Western meets 2022, with conflict, family tensions, and war.


My Quick Ranch Thoughts

Episode 1 - One Hundred Years Is Nothing

  • Governor John Dutton is badass. You knew from the trailer he was going to win, but how the hell is he going to manage that position? Dutton is no-bullshit politics, because his only passion is whatever the best interest is in the ranch. So how he going going to be present there when he is mainly in Helena, and also traveling across the state countlessly? Also - 100% him and Lynelle (now Senator Perry) are going to get it on. Dutton also announcing that every out of state person will have to pay double on taxes was such a badass move. Legal? I have no idea, but still pretty cool to hear.

  • I'm not the biggest Monica fan, but losing a child in that way (and any way) is heartbreaking. Kayce's family can never catch a break. Naming their son after his grandfather definitely tugged at the heartstrings. Seeing John console Tate was nice to see because I feel last season after the family was ambushed, they brushed over the fact that Tate was in shock-mode and they never reunited on screen.

  • Beth is a total badass, and such a loveable character despite her foul mouth, but she is becoming so vulgar and hateful. Listen, I get Jamie is a shit bag (which we will get to shortly), but give it up already. You have him in your pocket, earn his trust so he doesn't burn the family yet again.

  • I agree with Rip on his uncertainties of not having John around at the ranch, but I feel as though the best person to keep the Yellowstone in check is Rip himself.

  • I'll miss Jimmy's character in the show, but I won't miss the extra BS of promoting the future 6666 show. That was my least favorite part of last season was all of the lead ups, crossovers, and flashbacks of other storylines for other productions.

  • Speaking of Jamie, as a politician himself, how do you show your cards so easily. Pretend to be somewhat engaged while you are on television? He led anybody who wants to hurt John Dutton right to the watering whole, and I can guarantee he won't be able to get out of this mess that will occur throughout the season.

  • I never understand Chief Rainwater position. The Native Americans and Yellowstone Ranch are frenemies, but does he want to preserve the land or does he want to make money for his casino? Keep an eye on this interaction between the triangle (adding Market Equities into the mix).

  • Jamie will fall for ME's Sarah Atwood, who pretty much is a dolled up version of Beth. I never really considered the company as a true threat for the ranch, but she is going to make things real interesting.

  • Chubby no more! That's the problem with shows that take forever to product with young actors. Tate was at least somewhat recognizable, his voice just changed. But Carter, that's a whole new man. I thought it was funny how he had to reintroduce himself to John (and to the viewer), that was a nice directing touch.

Episode 2 - The Sting Of Wisdom

  • Making Beth the Chief of Staff was a no brainer move, but something is fishy with the assistant, Clara. She's quirky and young, but I think she is going to get manipulated in some way, shape, or form. I also love how Lynelle has become this ally to John's plans. Hopefully it is legit.

  • “As we speak, they’re raping the land our family has bled into for over a century. We’re already at war.” John Dutton, line of the premiere.

  • I do think Jamie has the family's interest at heart, and is logically laying out all of the options and best paths of approach. However, Beth wants it done specifically, as does John.

  • People should know by now that you shouldn't fuck with Beth, but I double down on that statement when she is drinking at the Deerfield Club. That is her iron throne.

  • John is finally playing the political chess match, but he promises the zoning committee that the ranch will become a conservation easement, so there will be nothing to litigate. Kind of surprised, but honestly, he wants the ranch to be there forever.

  • I like how the ranch has taken in Carter, but Rip is still so hard on the young kid. He's trying his best, but there is no room for patience with this bunch. He was doing so well saddling the horses and maintaining the flock of cattle, but then tragedy struck when he led John's horse into a hole, ultimately leading to the horse's death. I appreciated John not flipping out when finding out the news, but it is going to eat at Carter all season.

  • Showing the flashbacks of how Beth truly was awful to young Rip was great storytelling. She may be cold, but Rip truly loves Beth for who she is.

  • The flashback to the chemicals killing off the ranch's cattle decades ago was no coincidence, I think so sick chemical warfare is going to happen again involving Market Equities this time.

  • The Wolves symbolism is back, but this time, Ryan and Colby are instructed to shoot any animal attacking their cattle. They mess up big time by shooting wolves from the National Park. There is no doubt that is going to bite the ranch in the ass, and ultimately hinder John's political career and motives.

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