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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 3

We're back with Episode 3 of Yellowstone. Beth heads to Salt Lake City to take care of unfinished business, a trap's set for Jamie, Kayce makes an important decision for his family, and Thomas Rainwater deals with mounting pressure. Here are my Ranch Thoughts.

  • I like seeing short clips from the past, but I'm confused with the flashback intro. What is that foreshadowing?

  • Is John Dutton getting old? Sitting here, looking at his land, reflecting, not sweating any small stuff? Governor John is becoming a softie.

  • I feel bad that Beth carries so much family hatred. It's okay that her dad misses her mom, it shouldn't impact as much as it does.

  • "Orphans don't get shipped off around here, Carter." Rip is finally warming up to him, and it's good for both of them.

  • These damn wolves are going to bite us in the ass. These park agents are no match for Rip, but I can't see this conflict getting resolved in the ranch's favor.

  • Monica's pain is tough to see, I don't know how long throughout the season it will last.

  • See, Jamie can be likeable when he's done what he's told. The satirical comments, the power trip, he can be useful. But this Sarah Atwood character is going to f that up real quick. She is playing him like a board game.

  • I understand Kayce quitting his post as the Live Stock Commissioner, but we need him in that position. At least John was understanding of the situation.

  • Angela Blue Thunder is the worst. She is battling for top enemy in the show.

  • I love how Beth is corporate of the 90s. Cursing, sarcasm, cigarettes. Total badass. She also is just a business wizard, and absolute shark in the water, or in this instance, a rattlesnake in the grass.

  • I was confused when they said that going to the bar was going to be a bad idea. I'm like you guys are all adults, you can't behave? But of course it was Beth that started the bar brawl. Holy shit. The bottle across the broads head was money.

  • I am shocked that Beth got arrested, that'll hurt the department more than it will hurt the Dutton family. The middle finger with cuffs on was comical.


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