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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 5

Well, this was one of those episodes that I was left wanting more, because honestly, what happened? I blinked and it was over. The family got together, John can somehow take a break from being Governor, Jamie kind of has a conscious, a cat fight, and that's about it. This episode had it's funny moments, but it was one of those holdover ones. What actually went down?

  • The flashbacks are, well back. This time young John Dutton is getting ready for herding cattle. Another foreshadowing for the episode.

  • Shoutout to Rip, who is happy with his life and doesn't care about the past anymore, because Beth is still hung up (and finally realizing) on how bad she treated him.

  • What is going on with this smoke in the horizon?

  • How is the valley shorthanded? How is the Yellowstone shorthanded? The workforce and demand issue isn't portrayed clearly.

  • I understand John Dutton is the boss, but this is unrealistic. How can he cancel his schedule without notice AND clear any additional meetings placed on his calendar for the foreseeable future? Good for the show, but for the state of Montana?

  • I was confused why they wanted to make this branding such a big deal. It's becoming a major deal for the ranch, but now for the public as well. It'll be interested why and what goes down.

  • John putting Summer under house arrest at the Ranch means she will have some good character arc or she'll find out too much and she'll be stuck here forever. The real reasons she is here is Hohn’s going to use Summer’s understanding of environmental issues to help him make his way through all the issues (wolves, sage grouse, bison, etc.).

  • It sucks seeing Kayce so upset, but that was a good and mature conversation between him and Monica. I'm glad John invited them to the ride, as well. Same with Beth and Rip. Carter is becoming their son each and every episode, and they are becoming a family.

  • The assistant, Clara, somehow can ride? Good for her. Another foreshadowing scene though where she mentions that they should bring a satellite phone in case anyone needs to reach them. So something is going to go down.

  • “That’s my only son, Clara.” Damn. Jamie is on the outs yet again.

  • Ding ding ding, Jamie has a brain. He finally catches on to the fact Sarah had sex with him to keep him from representing the State.

  • We finally get a full family dinner, what could go wrong? Poor Gator, this man chefs up absolute cuisine, and it always gets wasted. Summer is of course disgusted by meat, and I love how Monica bursts out laughing. It's always something at the dinner table.

  • CAT FIGHT! Holy shit, Beth is one tough women, and she gets tougher and tougher every episode. Summer held her own in the fisticuffs, but still, that was a full on beating.

  • I like how Rip came out and was the peacekeeper. Do you think that you’re going to beat the other one into respecting your opinion?” He wonders if this is the kind of manners Beth is trying to teach Carter. And he tells Summer not to insult people in their own homes. Best scene of the episode. The fight was needed, and that was mature of Beth to move on.

  • John’s obviously not happy about how this family dinner went down. He excuses everyone from the table, and they leave in silence. I didn't think that is how dinner had to end.

  • I liked how John and Rip talk to each other. Rip is like the son he wishes he had. John shares how he actually feels about his children. He has one child he misses (Lee), one he pities (Kayce), and one he regrets (Jamie). However, he envies Beth. (Apparently, he’s back to claiming Jamie as a child.)

  • It's cattle day. The bunkhouse boys, the day workers, the family. They look like they are about to go to battle. Giddy up, and "Watch ‘Em Ride Away".


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