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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6

Just like that we have two episodes remaining in 2022. Yup, that's right. Season 5 will have 14 episodes, but it's going to be split into two parts, with the remaining 7 release dates still TBA. For now, it's time to sit back, pour yourself a bourbon, and enjoy. Here are my Ranch Thoughts for Episode 6.

  • The episode didn't start with a flashback?! Woah...

  • Rip is the Western Prince Charming. What a guy.

  • Who the fuck are these cops shooting dogs? That's messed up. And who the hell tells Mo what to do? If they bring Biden into this show... come on Paramount.

  • Nice work Jamie.... NOT. Can't keep it in your pants, back with this women who is going to break you and your world. I can't tell if Sarah is a master schmoozer or she just found an easy target, but bribing Jamie with the Governor title and sex is an easy road right into his mind (and pocket).

  • I am looking forward to Monica showing the way of the land to Summer, but classic Summer just freeloading on the ranch and almost skipping out on helping.

  • Such an awesome moment. The ranch working without problems. Beth is smiling. Kayce is bonding with Tate. John is relaxing and wanting to go fishing. Jokes are being tossed around. All is well. Can this just stay good?

  • Side Note: Paramount commercials are so overplayed. If I hear "Standddd byyyy yourrr mannnn" one more time, I'll lose it. No, I will not be tuning into "George & Tammy" unless you make better commercials. 1923 with Harrison Ford looks cool though.

  • Angela Blue Thunder is the antagonists we haven't spent enough focus on. She's got stuff up her sleeve that will make negative waves in this Yellowstone universe.

  • I don't know how much is CGI and how much is actually the scenery of Montana, but Western United States is beautiful. We don't appreciate the country and it's natural beauty.

  • Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You. Amen to that, Beth. I love when they say the episode title in the show.

  • RIP Emmett Walsh. Chairman of the Stockgrowers Association and an old acquaintance of John. He went out a real cowboy. And of course the news crew is going to exploit this death. However, the news anchor at the end saying that she respects Dutton's position proves he meant for the job.

  • The show is getting so big that characters screen time gets diminshed. We finally got a glimpse of Carter and some murmurs from Teeter right at the end. Not like their storylines are groundbreaking, but for example, there was more Gator this episode then Llyod!

  • "I didn't pardon here, I just commuted her sentence to house arrest, my house". John with the Rizz. Also the fact that John said the President should swing by the ranch to see him brand cattle rather than him flying to see the Commander in Chief in Helena is just arguably funny. Dutton doesn't give a damn about being Governor, and nobody is questioning it. It was short-lived because now there is some women between Lynelle and Summer. Tough life for John Dutton.

  • I love the character arch that Walker is getting. He is now becoming a wingman, and takes the stage from Lainey Wilson so she can hangout with Ryan. Shoutout to the roamer.

  • Did Sarah just say she's going to kill John? Good luck.

  • Now besides this death and then extra 15 minutes to showcase the branding celebration, these episodes have been flying by, and it's hard to really determine what's been accomplished? A lot of conversations, but not a lot of things happening. It might just be me, but I need a little bit more substance.


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